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Terms & Conditions

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Company MeetME d.o.o. pledges to protect personal data from its customers. We will gather only the personal data necessary to carry out the orders submitted; company MeetME d.o.o. informs the customers about the way of securing the personal data, and gives its customers the ability to choose not to participate in various lists which we may prepare for marketing purposes or to remove their data from our systems altogether.

All the data about our customers are securely stored and are available only to authorized personnel. All the employees and business partners of company MeetMe d.o.o. are responsible for performing under the similar terms for handling the customer private data.

These General Terms are integral part of the contract between the travel agency ME ET ME Ltd. (hereinafter referred to MEETME) and passengers who reported selected arrangement. If a particular program is different from the published decree published in points with these requirements, provision / condition, published in the program.

Travel registration shall be received in the office of the organiser, or through on-line registration, depending on the type of tourist services. When applying the customer is required to provide any information or documents required by a specific application type.
a) Upon application the customer pays 30% of the arrangements, and the remaining 70% of the amount to be paid no later than 14 days prior to departure unless otherwise stated in the tour program.
b) To "book on request" shall be paid according to the rates advance responsible organizer. The organizer will not accept the report bookings on request without advance payment. If a passenger does not accept confirmed reservation that was made by his request, the organizer will keep the advance money to cover the cost of the reservation. Passenger agrees to not claim the interest payments due in advance. By signing the contract, voucher or application, that dictate the number of credit cards by way of remote communication, the customer accepts these Conditions of travel reservations previously carefully studied. In this way, everything stated in these terms becomes a legal obligation for the passengers and for the organizers.

Content makes arrangements, or the price package includes everything in the tour stated in the tour program. Special services are not included in the price the traveler will pay. These services must be requested at registration and pay the difference in the price. Optional and special services requested by the passenger during the trip are paid travel companion or a representative of the tour in the currency of the country where the service is provided. Tour prices are posted in the tour program and are valid from the date of publication. Prices listed in our programs are based on agreements with our partners and do not have to respond to the prices on the spot at the destination in which you reside and any difference in price can not be a complaint.
Package price does not include (unless otherwise agreed): shore excursions and visits, the potential costs of obtaining and issuing visas, tickets for the facilities to be visited. All kinds of special services (single room, special diet, etc.) the passenger will pay and must be ordered when booking.
The organizer reserves the right to change the prices in case of changes in the price of accommodation, food, transport and other services, fuel prices, and in case of changes in currency value relationships that are the basis for calculating the price

For each trip is determined by the smallest number of passengers on the basis of which was calculated price. In the case of a small number of passengers kalkuliranog, a group opposed to an extra charge of kalkuliranog number.

Offered accommodation facilities, restaurants, vehicles etc. are described according to the official categorization of the local tourist office at the time of application. Standards of accommodation, food, services, etc. in different places and countries are different and not comparable. Those services offered by the sale does not oblige the organizers to a greater extent than the information specified in the tour program.

The tour operator has the right to change the program in the event of circumstances that can not be predicted, avoided or rectified (see point 2). Contracted accommodation can be substituted only accommodation at the same or higher category, at the expense of the organizer. MEETME also reserves the right to change the day or hour of departure due to changes in flight schedules or the occurrence of an emergency, as well as the right to change the direction of travel if the travel conditions change (revised timetable, the security situation in a particular country, natural disasters and other circumstances that may not MEETME influence), without payment of compensation, according to the regulations in force in international trade.

The organizer may cancel the booking completely or partly, if before or during his lifetime of circumstances that can not be avoided, if they had occurred at the time of publication and sale of the organizer would be a justified cause that program not to publish and accept applications package. The organizer can also cancel the booking if you do not sign the requisite number of passengers for a fixed arrangement. With each program package tour operator announces the minimum number of passengers. The organizer is required to notify all customers of the cancellation at least 5 days prior to the charter and they repay the full amount paid arrangements.

Any waiver must be reported to the office MEETME. In the event of cancellation of the individual travel costs to the agency then conducted activities of the total price is retained following amounts: up to 75 days before travel - 20% of 74-21 days - 50% of 20-8 days - 75% 0d 7-0 days - 100% (for whatever reason)

Under part of the group means 5 or more people. Any waiver of a group or part of a group must be reported to the office MEETME. In the event of cancellation costs previously conducted activities of agencies of the travel price keeps following amounts: all cancellations up to 90 days before travel - 20% cancel 89-60 days before travel - 50% 59 days to 0 days before the trip - 100%

To avoid the cost of traveler in case of trip cancellation can pay insurance against cancellation of travel. Trip cancellation insurance is charged during the Contract and will not be paid afterwards. Insurance premiums are calculated depending on the value of the trip, according to the price list of the insurance company. What is considered an unforeseen obstacle is stated in the insurance policy. In case of cancellation of a booking can not be refunded the amount paid in premiums for insurance against cancellation or cost of obtaining a visa, despite the fact that the passenger has cancellation insurance. Other terms and conditions are the insurance policy.

The organizer is obliged to look after the execution of services and select the service providers care of a good organizer and worry about the rights and interests in accordance with good practices in tourism. The organizer is obliged to provide all of these services for a particular arrangement of the program and accountable in case of default of the provider or providers. The organizer is not responsible if the non-services caused by force majeure and due to delays in transportation, the carrier is not liable under applicable laws and international conventions. In these cases the traveler is responsible for all additional costs.

The traveler is required:
- Have valid travel documents. Costs of loss or theft of the documents carried by the traveler. Companion or a representative of the organizers will help, but on condition that the program is running smoothly. If the needy for a travel visa, travel organizer may, at the request of passengers, when possible surcharge mediate in its obtaining. The tour operator does not guarantee issuance of visas - vaccinated and have confirmation and documentation of vaccination for travel to the country for which it is required by the regulations of the World Health Organization. In this case, the traveler submitted a medical certificate. Lack of such documents and / or malfunction passports lead to cancellation of the journey or inability to travel does not undertake the tour and apply the cancellation charges set out in Article 8,
- Respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Croatian, as well as the countries in which they reside the way, - the rules for all visited the facilities and to cooperate with the service providers in good faith-to strictly adhere to and cooperate with the tour leader and / or a representative of the organizer travel-when you go on a trip or travel companion Representative organizers presented a document on paid arrangement (the original voucher, confirmation of payment, a copy of the transfer order).
In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the traveler is responsible for the damage done to the organizer.

Luggage transport plane is free to the weight defined by the operator.
Excess luggage will be charged according to the rates of the airline.
Children under two years of age are not eligible for free transport of luggage by plane. When traveling by bus passenger can carry two pieces of personal luggage.
Passengers are required to take care of their belongings entered in the bus, and have them when leaving the bus bound to bring with you. Otherwise, the Traveler is responsible for the theft, loss or damage to property left in the bus without their supervision. Luggage is transported at the risk of the traveler, it is therefore recommended luggage insurance companies.
The tour operator is not responsible for damaged or stolen luggage, nor for stolen luggage or valuables in the hotel (renting a safety deposit box). Application for damaged or lost luggage should the carrier or the reception of the object, depending on where the damage or loss occurred.

Traveller health insurance in Croatia is entitled to the bonus, for health services in the country and abroad in the scope and the conditions and regulations of health insurance. Notification of their passenger rights has to be obtained before departure. Transfer to hospital as medical expenses traveler I settled on the basis of the account of the requesting refund their health insurance.

The passenger is obliged to inform Meetme of all the facts in regard to their health , habits , etc . , Which could jeopardize the progress of the voyage ( if due to health or other reasons, a particular type of food , suffering from chronic diseases , allergies , etc . ) . In some programs listed are special rules for travel that includes mandatory vaccination and procurement of relevant documents . The traveler is required to make the mandatory vaccination as well as hold certificates and documents about it. We recommend obtaining a health insurance policy .

The tour price does not include insurance against accidents and illness during the trip, damage or loss of baggage, insurance against trip cancellation, or health insurance. By signing the contract is considered to be the passenger was offered and recommended travel insurance package, and made available to insurance policies before buying.

Schedule of accommodation in rooms or suites determined locally by the reception. If a customer does not specifically contract a room / apartment with special qualities, he will accept any officially registered room / apartment in the accommodation, as described in the catalog and price list. If possible, the organizers will try to meet the additional demand for the traveler accommodation (comfort, room, floor, etc.), but can not guarantee to fulfill the request. Accommodation is usually not possible before 16:00 hours on the day of arrival, and the same shall have to leave up to 10 hours if the travel program unless otherwise noted. Arrivals after 18 pm must be advised in advance, unless otherwise indicated. The number of available beds in the apartment has been determined and the maximum number of guests in the apartment that the apartment can not accommodate more guests. A child is counted as an adult. The apartment owner has the right to refuse accommodation spot yet if the number of persons is higher than announced by the agency. The rooms / suites are not allowed to bring pets unless otherwise specified, and if it is allowed to be paid extra for pets.

All intentionally inflicted damage (on the bus, hotel, etc.) for the duration of the discharge arrangements traveler commit-lac, on the basis of the inspection perpetrator and the victim. Deposit in the hotel - if hotelier claims damage deposit, the same shall be collected directly from passengers entering the hotel rooms and store front. The deposit is fully refundable if no damage has not committed.

If the services of incomplete or unsatisfactory, the customer may require compensation by filing a written complaint. Every passenger - contractor has the right to object to the non-contracted services. Every passenger - contractor files a separate complaint; organizer will receive complaints procedure group.
The procedure for making a complaint:
- Immediately, on the spot, the traveler advertises inadequate service to the tourist and escort representatives of the organizers, and if it does, at the service provider. The traveler is required to cooperate with the tour leader or representative of the organizer and executor in good faith to rectify the problem. If the passenger refuses to accept the solution that corresponds to the service rendered, the organizer will not accept subsequent complaint and to respond to it.
- If the cause of the complaint would not be rectified, the traveler with tour leader or representative of the organizer or the service providers on how put down in writing in two copies signed by both of them. Traveler keeps one copy of this document.
- Not later than 8 days after returning from trip teaches a written complaint in an outlet where he paid package and enclose a written statement signed by a representative and potential accounts for the additional costs. The organizer will accept only complete documentation of tyrants complaints received in the period of 8 days.
- Organizer is obliged to issue a written decision on the complaint within 14 days of receipt of the complaint at the point of sale. The organizer may postpone the time limit prituže to collect information and verify the complaint with the provider up to 14 days. The organizer will only resolve those complaints which could not be solved on the spot.
The maximum compensation per complaint can amount to the part of the service, and can not include services already provided to the total amount. This excludes the right customer at the ideal damages.

19. Insurance in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the travel organizer
Pursuant to the provision of services in tourism, MeetMe is the insurer contracted insurance in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the tour that made travel service is absent or to compensate return Travellers in the place of departure. In case the insured event occurs traveler needs to contact the provider Euroherc insurance company Zagreb, Vukovar Street 282, Tel: 01/6004209 (number of insurance policy: 802296311). This document is valid as a certificate of insurance in case of bankruptcy or insolvency of the tour.

Pursuant to the provision of services in tourism, MeetMe have with an insurance company Euroherc dd (number of insurance policy: 802296309), signed a liability insurance for damages caused to the traveler by nonperforming, partial performance or undue performance of the obligations, no. Employees of the agency will meet PASSENGERS content of the applicable Treaty on liability insurance for damage caused MeetMe passengers non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of the obligations relating to the package deal, a traveler signing the tour Contract confirms that he is familiar with the contents of the said Treaty on insurance .

Information that the traveler at the registration location does not oblige the organizer to a greater degree than the notifications and information stated in the travel program .

These Conditions of Carriage apply to all programs issued by the agency MEETME, it is particularly indicated in the programs or not. By signing the contract the customer fully accepts the program and traveling conditions. Possible / predicted deviations from these requirements must be listed along with the text of the tour program.

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Important notice

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna (HRK) according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.

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