MeetME provides professional organization and full service range in different categories. Our rich network of relations and expert destination know-how is the source of attractive solutions
  • PCO

    As a PCO - Professional Congress Organizer, MeetME provides you a complete communication service from concept creation to the setting of the event.

  • DMC

    We offer significant benefits to each kind of travel planners, including invaluable local knowledge and expertise.

  • Event management

    We believe that each event is unique, with its own objectives and challenges.

    Sky is the the bright side of clouds!

  • Travel management

    Discover the world with us!

    We will provide you the best travel solutions to bring you to your desired destination.

  • Corporate travel management

    Through strategic partnerships with preferred vendors, we provide innovative and cost effective business travel management solutions.

  • Administrative support

    MeetME provides management and specialized administrative services to non-profit trade associations and professional associations using a for-profit approach.

  • Team-building Programs

    Promote better teamwork in the workplace by various activities that are both fun and challenging.

  • Incentive travels

    Incentive travel has been described as business travel that is designed to motivate or trigger action, as a reward for these actions from employees or business partners.

  • Contemporary & integrated IT support

    We have different IT solutions which improve our work and communication.